Electrical Contacts

Silver Graphite

MODICON offers complete range of Silver Graphite (AgC) Contacts & Contacts Materials in diverse forms manufactured by Powder Metallurgical Process, i.e. Mixing of Silver and Graphite Powders, Pressing, Sintering and Extrusion into rod or strips and then processed to profiles and tips. Silver Graphite can be supplied with graphite fiber oriented in perpendicular OR parallel to the contact surface. A brazable graphite free layer is provided.

MODICON has developed a Special Grade of AgC to get High Performance Material with very fine graphite particles in Silver matrix with a maximum island of Silver less than 5 microns.

MODICON also produces Silver Graphite grade which is a combination of Graphite Powder & Coarse Graphite Fibers for special applications.

MODICON also offers complete range of Silver Nickel Graphite (AgNiC) Contacts & Contact Materials in diverse forms. Typically used for current limiting MCB, MCCB, ACB.

To facilitate the final attachment of these contacts, MODICON can provide a thin layer of brazing alloy (as per customer requirement) on the brazable side of the tip.

Composition Density, g/cc Electrical Conductivity, m/Ωmm2
AgC     98:2 9.5 54
AgC     97:3 9.1 50
AgC     96:4 8.9 45
AgC     95:5 8.6 43

AgC contact material exhibit high resistance to contact welding and have good self lubrication for sliding contact applications.

Typically used for current limiting MCB, MCCB, ACB & ELCB devices.

High Performance AgC (95:5)
(Serrations on brazable Layer)
Regular AgC (95:5)
(Vertical Fiber Perpendicular to Contact Surface)
High Performance AgC Regular AgC