Electrical Contacts

Silver Nickel

MODICON offers complete range of Silver Nickel (AgNi) Contacts & Contact Materials in diverse forms manufactured by Powder Metallurgical Process, i.e. Mixing of Silver and Nickel Powders, Pressing, Sintering and Extrusion into wires or plates and further processed to rivets or punched parts to meet customer specific requirements.

Composition Density, g/cc Electrical Conductivity, m/Ωmm2
AgNi     90:10 10.2 50
AgNi     85:15 10.1 48
AgNi     80:20 10.0 46
AgNi     70:30 9.8 41
AgNi     60:40 9.7 37


AgNi (90:10 & 80:20) by MODICON material is most commonly used and can be resistance welded to contact carrier material does not require brazing alloy. Addition of Nickel to Silver makes it hard, allowing better mechanical properties. These compositions of material have low contact resistance and low arc erosion resistance.

AgNi (70:30 & 60:40) by MODICON material has higher contact resistance which is generally compensated by higher contact force or by using it in combination with Silver Graphite (AgC). These compositions of material have higher arc erosion resistance.

AgNi is supplied in semi-finished form as wires, strips, cladded strips or finished contact parts like tips (solid / bi-metal), buttons, rivets (solid / bi-metal / tri-metal) or welded to carriers.

To facilitate the final attachment of these contacts, MODICON can provide a thin layer of brazing alloy (as per customer requirement) on the brazable side of the tip.

Typically used for Relays, Switches, Contactors (100 A), Safety Devices, Push Buttons.
AgNi with higher Nickel content is used in Power Switches.

AgNi 90:10  
High Performance AgC Regular AgC