Electrical Contacts

Silver Tin Oxide

MODICON offers complete range of Silver Tin Oxide (AgSnO2) Contacts & Contact Materials in diverse forms manufactured by Powder Metallurgical as well as Internal Oxidation in form of wires or plates and further processed to rivets (solid / bi-metal) or tips (solid / bi-metal) to meet customer specific requirements. Silver brazable layer is perfectly bonded to the contact material by a special process during extrusion suitable for manufacture of profiles and tips.

To facilitate the final attachment of these contacts, MODICON can provide a thin layer of brazing alloy (as per customer requirement) on the brazable side of the tip.

Composition Density, g/cc Electrical Conductivity, m/Ωmm2
AgSnO2     92: 8 10.0 45 ~ 50
AgSnO2     90:10 9.9 43 ~ 48
AgSnO2     88:12 9.8 40 ~ 45
AgSnO2     86:14 9.7 38 ~ 43

Silver Tin Oxide contact Material was developed as a replacement for Silver Cadmium Oxide because of toxicity of Cadmium. AgSnO2 has been found superior to AgCdO vis-à-vis erosion and welding characteristics and especially for Capacitive Switching and DC Switching applications.

MODICON manufactures AgSnO2 material with various doping agents like Bi2O3, CuO, WO3, MoO3, I2O3, etc. or as per customer’s specification.

To minimize consumption of Silver at the backing end, we have facility and capability to provide Copper layer.

Typically used for Relays, Starters, Contactors, breakers.

AgSnO2 88:12 AgSnO2 88:12 + Ag + brazing layer
AgSnO2 88:12 AgSnO2 88:12 + Ag + brazing layer