Precious Metal Catalysts, Salts & Compounds

Precious Metal Catalysts, Salts & Compounds

Precious Metal Catalysts

Having experience in silver and silver alloys for decades, MODICON has now ventured into the manufacturing of Precious Metal Salts, Compounds and Catalysts on the basis of know-how developed in its R & D. The emphasis is to achieve the same level of catalytic activity and selectivity with lower loading of the active metal. Thus, MODICON catalysts are remarkable for their higher catalytic activity, good filterability, overall long life and more value for money.

Pt & Pd Carbon Catalysts are used in the syntheses of all types of Active Pharmaceutical
Intermediates (APIs).

Presently MODICON catalysts are available for use in the following reactions:
Hydrogenation of aliphatic & aromatic nitriles, nitro & nitroso aromatics and aliphatics to corresponding amines, azo or benzidines, hydrogenation of phenols, quinolines, indoles, furans, pyrroles, and pyridines, and aromatics, hydrogenolysis of O – benzyl and N – benzyl groups, cyclopropanes, oxiranes, furans, rosins, reductive alkylation of substituted anilines and reductive amination of phenols, ketones, aldehydes, imines and phenols.

The following types of catalysts are available:

  • Palladium on Activated Carbon
  • Palladium on other supports such as calcium carbonate, and barium sulphate
  • Platinum on activated carbon
  • Platinum oxide (Adams’ catalyst)

These catalysts are supplied in both and wet (paste) form as per the customers’ requirement.

Pt & Pd Salts & Compounds:

Product Name Molecular formula CAS No. Physical Form Precious Metal percentage
Potassium tetrachloroplatinate (II) K2PtCl4 10025-99-7 Bright red crystals / powder 46.5-47.0
Potassium  hexachloroplatinate (IV) K2PtCl6 16921-30-5 Orange to yellowpowder 39.6-40.6
Ammonium hexachloroplatinate (IV) (NH4)2PtCl6 16919-58-7 Yellowpowder 43.4-44.4
Chloroplatinic acid H2PtCl6..nH2O 26023-84-7 Reddish brown solid / solution As per customer’s requirement
Platinum oxide (Adams’ Catalyst) PtO2 1314-15-4 Chocolate brown solid 82-84
Palladium chloride PdCl2 7647-10-1 Brick red powder 59.5-59.9
Palladium acetate Pd(CH3COO)2 3375-31-3 Brown yellow powder 46.8-47.3
Palladium nitrate solution Pd(NO3)2, xH2O 10102-5-3 Brown solution As per customer’s requirement
Palladium oxide PdO 1314-8-5 Greenish black powder 86.1-86.6
Palladium sulphate PdSO4. 2H2O 13566-3-5 Brownish black crystals 44-45
Ammonium Hexachloropalladate (NH4)2PdCl6 19168-23-1 Yellowish crystals 29.9
Trans-diamino-dichloro Palladium (II) (NH3)2PdCl2 13782-33-7 Orange crystals 50.3
Hydrogen tetrachloro palladate (II) H2PdCl4 16970-55-1 Reddish brown solution As per customer’s requirement
Potassium hexachloro palladate (IV) K2PdCl6 10025-73-6 Yellowish crystals 53.6
Chloroauric acid HAuCl4 16903-35-8 Golden yellow crystals 57.9

Silver Salts & Compounds (Purity 99.9%  & 99.99%).

  • Silver Nitrate Crystals.
  • Silver Chloride Powder / Sheet for application in deferred activated batteries
  • Silver Oxide (Both monovalent & bivalent) for battery application:
    Silver (I) oxide: CAS No.20667-12-3 
    Silver (II) Oxide: CAS No. 1301-96-8
  • Silver Carbonate Powder: CAS No. 534-16-7
  • Silver Sulphate: CAS NO. 10294-26-5
  • Silver Powder: Various Grades (For Electrical, Electronic, Glass, etc. Industries)